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1934 Raleigh Safety Seven Pictures

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The Raleigh Safety Seven, along with the Morgan, JMB, BSA and Coventry Victor were Cyclecars. Technically motorcycles, they only had to pay half the road tax of a car. They competed in the sidecar market. This Raleigh was found in Florida as a derelict chassis and restored to new condition here in Canada. It is one of two in North America, and only a handful in the UK. Despite being a solid seller and a number of competition successes, it fell victim within three years to a Raleigh corporate decision to discontinue all motorized vehicles (motorbikes and cars) and concentrate solely on bicycles.

Many thanks to Peter Svilans for these pictures.

  • Manufacturer: Raleigh
  • Model: Safety Seven
  • Engine: Sturmey-Archer 742cc V-twin
  • Year: 1934
  • Decade: 1930s
  • Machine Type: Other

9 Responses to “1934 Raleigh Safety Seven”

  1. How about the Bond Mini Car??? Is that a contender?

  2. hi there just brought a raleigh safty seven 1933 . does anyone know of anyone who may have any engine spares . many thanks jason

    • hi jason, its a long shot but i to have bought a safety seven and i am looking for an engine and gearbox, did you get any joy from your wanted add and if so have you any leads i could follow to find the parts i require, cheers for now, Alan.

    • I have a complete engine and gearbox in South Africa if you know of anyone that might be interested. Thanks

  3. bob singfield on November 22, 2017 @ 12:18 pm

    For your info. Picture number 4 is a treasured family photo. I am the baby in his Mum’s arms. Mum is sitting in the front seat and my 3 older siblings are crowded onto whatever seating was at the back. I was born in March 1946 and was clearly very young when my Dad took the picture, so the picture was taken sometime in early 1946. It was taken (so I have been told) outside our then home in Cuckoo Lane, Gateacre Liverpool. My parents were from London ant the car was used a couple of times to take the family to and from relatives down south. Must have been an epic drive

  4. David Hayward on August 16, 2018 @ 8:02 pm

    Do anyone have any spares for a Raleigh Safety Seven 1934 ?

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