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I found this photo, The couple are my Grandparents. They were married in 1925 so I guess this is some time around the early 1920. They were living in Edmonton or Tottenham, North London. I would love to find as much as possible about it, the bike, location, event. The side car as a ‘ace’ on it… I know the ace cafe on the A406 but what does it mean…

  • Manufacturer: Unknown
  • Model: Unknown
  • Engine: Unknown
  • Year:
  • Decade: 1920s
  • Machine Type: Other

4 Responses to “What bike is this?”

  1. I have seen this combination ( not the folks) many times before with other subjects. I think it is a photographer’s prop for young couples to ‘stage’ their own event on during a trip to the coast. Although a London registration, a clue is the very low pressure rear tyre and the ‘sitter’s’ attire. I am pretty sure that the location was similar to many props along the south coast and near to coastal rail links. This one may well be Cliftonville; now absorbed into Margate. The make of the motorcycle is unclear but I shall have another look.

  2. It could be a BLERIOT, A french bike made by the aviator who crossed the Manche sea a the beginning of the 1900′s

  3. the motorcycle is a Rex it is a well known photographers prop
    Rick Howard rickhoward@talktalk.net

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