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Vincent “Nero” and “Super Nero” Pictures

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George Brown most famous bike, “Nero”.  Seen here at the 2006 Festival of 1000 Bikes and at its home in the National Motorcycle Museum.  In Brighton in 1958, Nero covered a standing kilometre in 19.29 seconds and with a final speed of 186mph became the fastest man on two wheels. The bike was built from the burnt out remains of a Rapide with AJS Porcupine front wheel and forks. The Super-nero was much more of a purpose-built machine with a supercharged 1000cc engine and a lightweight tubular frame.  BUt even with this machine the engine and transmission parts came from production Vincent bikes and the heavy duty internals from the Picador engine built for pilotless target planes.

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  • Decade: 1950s
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2 Responses to “Vincent “Nero” and “Super Nero””

  1. Once saw George riding this in a local Hill Climb in South Wales. An amazing experience !!!

  2. Hi Mike
    I have a Cyclo Vincent that I bought in 1971 in N. London. It has the Velo rear and AJS front forks with a Shadow engine. I have never been able to trace its manufacture. VOC confirm the Shadow engine but have no idea re the running gear and since it is not ‘original’ did not seem that interested. Any Ideas??
    Richard ( Perth W.Australia)

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