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Velocette Venom Thruxton Pictures

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  • Decade: 1960s
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One Response to “Velocette Venom Thruxton”

  1. Gimme, gimme, gimme! I had one and lost it in a head-on collision and was forced to sell it for $200 to cover damages to the 240 Volvo which was the unfortunate recipient of the encounter! Not only did my passenger and I miraculously escape certain death, but injury as well! However, my passenger did require a shot of Thorazine to ease the shock. At the instance of impact we were catapulted over the car’s roof performing perfectly synchronized summersaults, landing squarely on our bums’ and rolling out on a field of grass…a finish that would have put a well rehearsed circus act to shame. The handling and exhaust note had a mesmerizing effect resulting in my inability to stay out of the saddle for any length of time. I confess to being a Velocette Thruxton addict. I hope for one more ride before I part this Velocette-less world. Adios.

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