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Velocette KTS/KSS Pictures

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This Velo was put together from parts by a guy in the midlands. It was based around a KTS frame with a KSS engine. The compression ratio was raised to about 9:1 and KTT cams were used. Judging from my terminal velocities when I sprinted it, I think it was capable of just under 100mph pulling its highest gear. I was using that gear when I took it to the IoM in 1986 to ride it in the TTRA Lap of Honour when my (very unofficial) lap-time was 33mins by the Grand Stand clock. This Post comes with a few more shots from that event……. We found ourselves parked next to Franta Stastny the Chekoslavakian JAWA works rider and he and Bill Lomas came and sat on my bike-trailer for a chat (and broke my reflector, which Bill is holding up). There is a shot of my velo at “The Gooseneck” and another on “The Mountain Mile”.

  • Manufacturer: Velocette
  • Model: KSS with some KTT mods
  • Engine: 350ohc
  • Year: 1935
  • Decade: 1930s
  • Machine Type: Race

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