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Unknown Racers Pictures

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These are unknown photos left to me by my Godfather. I know they are 1960′s and either Mallory Park or the TT. I would be grateful for any information members can give.

  • Manufacturer: ?
  • Model: ?
  • Engine: ?
  • Year: ?
  • Decade: 1960s
  • Machine Type: Race

4 Responses to “Unknown Racers”

  1. think no 4 is Pip Harris on his BMW

  2. Number 51 is Mick Fiddaman with Dave Degens in the chair.
    Photo taken at Mallory Park Sidecar Race of the Year 3rd April 1966

  3. Photo 3 Dave Ajax and Malcolm Caley number 23 IOM TT
    1964 Single cylinder 500cc manx norton private entry Ist single cylinder machine home in 7th position.

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