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Unknown Racers Pictures

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These 1960′s racibg photos where left to me by my Godfather. They were at eihter the TT or Mallory. Can any members give me any information on what the bikes were and who the riders are?

  • Manufacturer: ?
  • Model: ?
  • Engine: ?
  • Year: ?
  • Decade: 1960s
  • Machine Type: Race

One Response to “Unknown Racers”

  1. Number 35 is Siggi Schauzu and Horst Schneider. Photo taken at the Post TT meeting on 18th June 1967.

    Number 55 is Georg Auerbacher and D Eduard. Photo taken at Mallory Sidecar Race of the Year 11th April 1965

    I think number 22 might be John Patrick and MJ Price. Right behind them is definately Chris Vinvent with Fred Holden in the chair and in the background is Norman Hanks and Rose Arnold. If I am correct then the photo as taken at Mallory Post TT on 18th June 1967 and was in heat 2.

    Number 30? It could be Terry Harrison.

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