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Richard Toonkel sent us this fascinating picture, wondering if we could shed any light on what it is or where it was from. Has anyone seen this before or is able to offer any information?

  • Manufacturer: Unknown
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Year:
  • Decade: 1920s
  • Machine Type: Race

8 Responses to “What is this bike?”

  1. I think it is probably Eric Fernihough on an early Brough Superior

  2. It’s an Ally Miniummmm …………………………….

  3. Is it BMW’s 1929 Bonneville speed week racer??

  4. It has the shape of a New Hudson Racer-Type???

  5. Tank and front forks look like brough superior .with experimental streamlining for development testing only. Workshop guy and guy posing on machine look circa ,late 1920,s early 1930,s.

  6. The bike is a special 80 x 90 o.h.v. twin J.A.P. built in 1931 for solo/sidecar record attempts. The people involved included Australians Alan Bruce and Phil Irving. A chain-driven supercharger was fitted in front of the engine. The location of the photo is Alan Bruce’s workshop in Finsbury Park, demolished post-war to make way for housing. I believe the photo was taken in 1931 for use in Motor Cycling. The rider is likely Alan Bruce, although there’s not much of him showing!

  7. Mark Mansell on January 31, 2017 @ 9:08 am

    It is all explained in Phil Irving’s Autobiography. Chapter titled “Hard times but good”. It was Irving that designed the streamlining and yes it was a JAP vee twin. Supercharged. The bloke on the bike is Alan Bruce. The picture in Irvings Autobiography is different to the one above. There is also a picture of the streamlined sidecar fitted to the same machine. For those who have the book look at pages 170 and 204 with Alan Bruce. First Australian to hold a world maximum speed record April 1932 at 124.3 mph.

  8. Geoff Piltz on January 6, 2018 @ 2:52 pm

    There’s a photo of this bike “Leaping Lena” in Bob Currie’s book “Motorcycling in the 1930′s” together with owner Arthur Simcock, Alan Bruce, Phil Irving and mechanic Keith Horton.

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