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Many thanks to John Walton for this picture of a Tribsa that he built 20 years ago.  Anyone know where it is now?

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  • Decade: 1970s
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One Response to “Tribsa”

  1. John Williams on August 7, 2011 @ 8:56 am

    Hi I believe I bought this machine in approximately 1984 -1985 in Australia. I have photos of this exact bike the day I bought it. The bike I bought had a twin cradle BSA ? A10 frame with an extremley well tuned/ well built 6T triumph pre unit motor. What makes the bike identifiable as the same machine are the following parts, red “power tuned Dunstal” exhaust as pictured, chromomatic gauges, set up for clip ons but sold with touring bars, had rearsets. It had the rare tacho drive on timing case. It had obscure ? Italian hubs, good quality, single front shoe. Custom paint exactly as per picture , small ? c25 tank, same seat as per picture. Same alloy, later model tail light, same original BSA oil tank / sidecover. The picture I have of the day I bought it even shows the good quality but ill fitting front mudguard. When i bought my bike I was told it was recently imported from England. I think it too coincidental for two specials to end up so similar. I think I have frame and engine Nos somewhere. John

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