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Spirit of the Sixties – 4 Pictures

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Spirit of the Sixties – 4

Many thanks to Garry Laurence for these pictures of his latest, superb creation.

“The Triumph is the fourth in a series I have built it capturing The Spirit of the Sixties as the machine’s names suggests. I have endeavoured to build the very best machines with no expense spared. Over the past seven months I have created my take on a retro 60`s Cafe Racer. I had looked at the T100 engine about three years ago and considered building a special but having built a Unit construction Triton and a 500cc Norvin, I decided to build my 1000cc Norvin”Spirit of the Sixties 3″  instead. Having finished it, I started to think of what to build next when this project came up. It consisted of the engine, the rolling chassis and that was about it. The owner had lost interest but I could see what it could look like finished so I purchased it. I dry built the machine carrying out frame mods for exhaust mounts, steering stops, side panel mounts etc. I sourced all the electrics and modified the loom to suit. The list is endless. The engine itself is 855cc, with 200miles on the clock.Its De-restricted with gas flowed and ported head. The swept back pipes were purchased and modified as they were for a standard Hinkley and therefore needed cutting and shortening and re-welding to get them to fit correctly and mate up with the silencers.Manx tank,seat and side panels were made locally and painted by a friend. When the dry build was finished I stripped the machine down had the powder coating removed as the welding had taken its toll and re coated, why people put paint on a machine before finishing the dry build is a mystery to me. All the polishing and metal work I do my self as well as the designing etc. There is far to much detail in this machine to cover here but I hope  this gives you a flavour. The build quality of all my specials are second to none. I see this type of special as the way forward as Vincent engines are at best unobtainable even if you have cash on your hip, £10,000 won`t buy an engine these days,but you can build machines like this for that money. As the age profile including myself who remember the sixties find it harder to kick over large capacity machines what better than an British engined Cafe Racer with electric start etc”