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Thanks to Nigel Dodds for this picture.  Nigel is the son of Douglas Dodd, a friend of Bob Geeson and was very heavily involved with the REG racing motorcycle.  If you have any other pictures of these bikes, please let me know as we would love to see them in the gallery.

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3 Responses to “REG”

  1. 21/05/14. Your photo and web comments first seen by me today. Bob Geeson and I where friends from 1950.I did some work on the REG in the early days after Allan pulled out. Of course I must know things that others don’t. For example the 1953 TT only the two went.to the TT in Bob’s MG and trailer with the REG and a road legal Triumph Thunderbird. The REG magneto failed during practice and a comment made by me resulted in the best ever result for the REG. If Nigel Dodd wishes to contact me I will be pleased to help. I do still have some photos. Ben Gross

    • Hi Ben, I have only just seen your response to my original pictures of the REG. If you are still able to provide me with any information and/or images I would be very grateful. Sadly, my Father passed away a couple of years ago but not before I had been able to take him to see the recently restored REG at the Sammy Miller museum.


      Nigel Dodd

  2. Hi Nigel, I have only just seen your email of the 28th Sept 2015. I would happy to copy the few photos I have and pass them on to you. My racing are far gone but still active in motor sport with my grandson kart racing. I did ride the REG through the streets of Belfast, wet roads with Bob on the back.an experience not to be forgotten.Send me a forwarding address.

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