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Nortons on the IoM (Daniel O Donovan) Pictures

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A special thank you to Simon O’Donovan for this picture of his Great Grandfather, Dan O’Donovan in the Sweater & the Braid Bros. between the Nortons in the Sidecar combination.  Daniel O’Donovan was one of the names that helped put the Norton name on the Brooklands map.  He joined Norton in 1913 and won countless races and broke many records. He later became known as "The Wizard", a name given as a mark of his tuning skills.  He later became the Norton racing team manager.  One of his more memorable feats was exceeding 80mph on a 500cc bike – in 1914!  A lovely photograph!

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  • Decade: 1910s
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5 Responses to “Nortons on the IoM (Daniel O Donovan)”

  1. Hi – I’m researching Dan O’Donovan for a new website I am working on for Carlton cycles and motorbikes. If Simon is still reading these messages, do you have any other information and photos of Dan?

    Thanks & regards, David

  2. David,
    Dan has been of great Interest to myself & once the Bicycle side was sold to Raleigh, it is a surprise when nobody knows of him!

    I was at a Centenary at Brooklands in 2008 & I had little Interest in seeing Bikes just going around (Slowly), so ended up on the Circuit for a walk; I found it comical when I bumped into a couple of men & asked if they were into the old stuff (One expressed some old TT T-Shirt, so I got a lid of Dans out……..He wanted a picture for his Garage Wall & I think he even asked me for my Autograph (I laughed).
    I believe there are a few good contacts I sent Information for their Books, so try George Cohen & Roger Bird. Facebook actually have a Carlton Site, but there is much Ebay on there; people look up to Gerald as GOD, but I am a SOD.

    • David Hemstock on November 9, 2016 @ 9:46 am

      Hi Simon,
      That’s a classic photo, and everyone who is interested in ‘real’ Carltons needs to know of Dan, the innovator who brought his motorbike science to cycling. Will do on those books, Mr SO’D!!

  3. Due to the Internet being so Insecure at this moment of time David, I recall another on Facebook on my NAME but was not allowed to access it without a PASSPORT; Take a look, unless everything has been removed.
    That was why I gave you other contacts, as I did not look at your location for you to pop over, like George did………I was not even having trouble then, but it shows that you have to protect data.

    I still recall George being very excited, but he may try & get you to buy one (Tons on the Internet nowadays I noticed, so no need & that picture is cropped in his book for some reason).

    Someone keeps changing my password & I do not know why; I know many well known people & I thought my SECURITY was the best thing since sliced bread.


  4. As this is moderated, I am just leaving a note to say: “Be Careful”…… I have had notes from people I know, but not everyone is authentic. I wish the world revolved by Love, but I think Money is up some sleeves. I would love to tell you what I know, or don’t !!!!!!!! You will know who you can & cannot trust over a period of time. The only difficulty is that the ones you trust could end up knowing the Individuals you are unsure of, so perhaps this is why they called it a Web.

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