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Norton Model 50 Pictures

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Many thanks to Amran from KL, Mayalsia for this picture and his story.  "Five years ago, I decided to own another British bike. I’d only ever owned one previously, and that was a 1959 Tiger 100 (500 cc) back in the early 1990s. Buying and enjoying the Tiger was really the inspiration to go another British bike. So, I decided to search, luckily, after all my efforts I met a gentlemen; the previous owner, which owned the Norton wide line model 50 since 1960, and he tells me that he too old for the rough & vibrate norton. It’s a good-looking bike, easy to use and excellent. It doesn’t take much to hose down after a few muddy roads. On its maiden voyage, the Norton managed to travel all of 7000 km since 3 years ago."

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  • Decade: 1950s
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