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Thanks to Ray Kilminster for this picture that he recalls being of Norman Surtees (John Surtees’ brother).  The bike looks like a mid 60′s Bultaco (thanks to Bob for emailing to advise on this).

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  • Decade: 1960s
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26 Responses to “Norman Surtees”

  1. The Norman Surtees photo is almost certainly taken at the Crystal Palace circuit in South London, the giveaway being the combination of white railway sleepers and fencing, which was very ‘Palace’ in period.

    Would love to know what became of Norman and whether he is still with us…

    Hope this helps!



  2. There was a guy in Perth, Western Australia that owned a caravan company, his name was Norman Surtees, I always wondered if it was the same guy. I have a pic somewhere of Norman racing at a grass track meeting on the IOM during a TT week in the late fifties. I’ll drag it out and post it.

    • Yes it is the same Norman Surtees. He is my mum’s cousin.

      • Hi Karen , I was riding scrambles in the late 50-60s and vividly remember riding with Norman in The Meeting on the Isle Of Man for TT. week .I found out he was staying in the same hotel as me. We used to work on our bikes together, we used to have a lot of fun.
        We used to talk about life and what it was like in his situation being related to a famous rider. He seemed upset about the way pressure was put on him by the press are you going to win the next race, will John be there to help you, when do you expect to be champion like your brother, understandably he gave it away. .Unfortunately I never met him again. I moved to Australia in 1973 and learned he might be here. After time, I had no success with my search and it was forgotten. Imagine my surprise in reading your post on The Vintage Bike Website . I would very much like to know how he is if possible .
        Kindest Regards Roger White

  3. graham vernon on January 26, 2013 @ 8:13 pm

    I was in the royal air force at raf barkston heath where Norman was in the raf police.I remember that when i was on night shift Norman and I went rabbit shooting with me driving my old Austin car that had a sunshine roof and Norman standing with his gun out of the top .This was in 1959 Happy days .

  4. I remember him racing at Aberdare park. He signed my autograph book. Happy days

    • Jason Wright on December 28, 2017 @ 8:28 pm

      Dear All,
      Can any one tell me anything about Norman or John with a 350 Manx Norton it is a 1959
      Kind Regards

  5. Karina Witchell (then Baxter) on May 11, 2014 @ 8:52 pm

    In my late teens (early sixths), I worked with Norman at Epps Brothers in Green Street Green. The Ford dealership was owned by Harry Epps and run by his son Richard. Norman worked with Richard on the sales team. A great guy who had just had his first baby, a girl I think. This was a lovely place to work with many great people. It was sadly sold to Victory Motors and most people left. Norman opened a car showroom not too far away in South London. Fond memories.

  6. ken halliwell on May 21, 2014 @ 9:05 am

    I own this bike now and would be interested to know a bit more of it’s history.Does anyone know who owned it after Norman Surtees ? frame no. is 0058.

  7. rob smith on June 9, 2014 @ 4:42 am

    I remember Norman crashing out on the entrance to Gerrards , mallory park . Very spectacular pace to lose it .

  8. I remember Norman from Croydon Sec Tech School. He was in the year after me. Remember his old man picking him up in a Jowett Jupiter. Have spoken to to his brother John a couple of times at Good wood_ seems they are not in toushbtoo often. I wonder why? Anyway met up with Roy Judd last week and had a good old chin wag about the old school we all went to. Howard Ellison who went to our school also lives in Aus! Regards Roger Hart of

  9. Graham Cheshire on September 2, 2014 @ 2:41 am

    My distant memory of Norman Surtees was when he tried to sell me a new Honda S800 and took me for a energetic test drive through Regents Park. Exciting times in the mid 60′s…

  10. Igor Andronov on October 18, 2014 @ 4:27 pm

    Norman Surtees had a car dealership in Brigstock Road, Thornton Heath where amongst other things; he sold the Honda car range including the S800.
    For a short time, probably in 1965 he was racing a Lotus 23 or 23B, I always remember it as a 23B, but the Sports Racing Car records of the time show it as a 23. The car was prepared for him by A.J.C. (Jack) Newton of Sandfield Road, Thornton Heath where I worked whilst still at school; by chance I was also at Croydon Secondary Technical School where Norman had been, but I was there quite a bit later.
    I recall that Ray Street, also at Croydon Tech at the time, and I did quite a bit of work on the car, supervised by Jack. We would also help set the car up at the circuit – Brands Hatch and Mallory Park where we would be attending as mechanics for Jack’s own racing endeavours.

  11. Just saw a TV programme about John Surtees and checked this website for any info about Norman as I had been at junior school with him. They also had a sister, Dorothy and I wondered what happened to her.

  12. Roy Stevenson on March 14, 2015 @ 5:12 pm

    I also knew Norman at RAF Barkston Heath.(1956/58 He was a Snowdrop but a decent guy and a fair minded cop.

  13. I first met Norman when he was transferred to the RAF Collage Cranwell in 1957 as a service police (Snow Drop).I was competing in scrambles on a DOT in the East midland and Lincoln areas. Norman soon acquired a 197cc Greaves and we travelled together to many scrambles ,We shared our race transport of the day .At first a Standard pick up truck (pre war)for about 10pounds .It was not the most reliable ,then a Ford 10cwt van for Norman and I had a Bradford flat twin shooting brake .It was all a great adventure, we travelled about every week end when we had time off. in Sept 1957 Norman , Morris Arden and I won the Wise Trophy Team scramble at Ancaster near Grantham for the Grantham club. We were given permission to use land on the camp as a practise area. Norman was Seconded to Barkstone Heath , an off shoot of Cranwell for some time. We used to have good natters over there when he was on night shift. There was a Scot at Barkstone in the MT section, Chick Stewart who often joined us for our chats, Chick came from Couper Angus in Perthshire, we went to the same school.I left the RAF in 1959 and returned to home and continued competing with solos and sidecars in scrambles and grass tracks until about 1970 and we emigrated to Melbourne Australia in 1973.. I made contact with Norman quite a few years ago when he was in Perth West Australia but lost his details over the years .Often wondered wher he is now.

  14. Norman Surtees bought the Lotus 23B from me at the end of 1965 after I raced it myself in 1965 very successfully. (4 wins and and 2 seconds). It was originally Peter Sadlers car.

  15. Linda Seagroatt on June 26, 2016 @ 1:06 pm

    Hi, A long shot I know, but all of you who remember Norman, do you also remember my Dad, Ken Tate? He worked with and partnered and eventually bought out (I think, was only young!) Speedway Motors…….. My Dad died many years ago, but would be lovely if anyone has any memories of him…… Sorry re-added comment so I could tick notification box

  16. ron molloy on July 14, 2016 @ 7:17 pm

    i was in same class as norman at croydon sec tec — brother john sent me an email last week – to say that norman is still alive and kicking in australia — he forwarded my enquiry — awaiting reply

  17. Brian Clark on July 21, 2017 @ 11:02 am

    I spoke to John a few years ago at a Scarborough Gold Cup meeting. I asked him about Norman who raced an Aer Macchi in 1962/3 at the same time as me. We became racing friends.
    He told me that Norman was in Australia, & also said he had a coal merchants business (can that be true in Oz?) He also said that Norman’s daughter was coming over, on a gap year I believe, & would be staying with him & his family.
    I also remember a Snetterton meeting where we had a terrific thunder & lightning storm in the night. He had got out of his van to ensure his bike was well covered but a flash of lightning had him straight back in & buried his head in his bedding.
    Next morning we had a good laugh looking at guys who had camped hanging their soaking kit over the paddock fences to dry out.
    The bomb hole was so flooded it needed the fire brigade to pump it out & cones were placed round the edges where the water had reached. no lap records that day!
    Those were the days of “austerity” racing.& camarade

  18. Pamela Melville on November 13, 2017 @ 4:56 pm

    My father owned a motorcycle shop and new the Surtees family well i believe Norman married married my friends sister from Abernathy road Lewisham SE13 any information please

  19. Jason Wright on December 28, 2017 @ 8:31 pm

    Dear All,
    Can any one tell me anything about Norman or John with a 350 Manx Norton it is a 1959
    Kind Regards

  20. I saw Norman Surtees come off his bike coming out of Paddock Hill Bend, Brands Hatch in the early ’60′s. He hit the Bank with some force and his bike coming after him hit him very hard. He lay prone and was seriously injured. it was said that his back was broken and I never saw him ride, or heard of him after that. I did hear a few years ago that he had gone to New Zealand.
    It seemed that he and his brother had no contact? I wonder if he was Johns Brother, or half brother?

  21. David streatfield on December 16, 2019 @ 1:29 pm

    Hi there…I was at brands on practice day and I was following him on the short circuit he fell off just before clearway.he was riding the bultaco.cheers.

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