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Levis 2 1/4hp Pictures

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A lovely little motorcycle…! Discovered in 10 boxes, it was restored to it’s present condition – but sadly the original registration number was transferred. This model was introduced in 1912 as the “Baby” and was to remain in production until 1926 (also being called the “Popular” and “2 1/4″). Priced at £33.10s in 1913, this had risen to £60.00 by the time of the 1920 Olympia Show.

Levis ceased motorcycle production during the 2nd World War when they changed their effort into making air compressors for the war effort.

  • Manufacturer: Levis
  • Model: 2 1/4
  • Engine:
  • Year:
  • Decade: 1910s
  • Machine Type: Road

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