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Fruin Special 4 Cylinder Pictures

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Thanks to Paul for these pictures of his Fruin Special 4 cylinder. This was on display at Murrays museum in the Isle of Man untill  it closed down.

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  • Decade: 1950s
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8 Responses to “Fruin Special 4 Cylinder”

  1. I dont know who paul is, but I do know that this bike is owned by a friend of mine in north lancashire, the bike was bought straight from the museam on the Isle of Man as a present by my friend’s wife and was never the property of a ‘Paul’.

    The bike is stunning, and sounds even better than it looks.

    This bike is the original with the 4 NSU Quickly barrels linked to Fruin’s crank, and the only 1 in exsistence.

  2. The cylinder barrels I believe are Moto Demme and not nsu.

    • The cylinder barrels are definately nsu quickly. The bike is part of a collection which also includes the double overhead cam 125 single Fruin. This collection can be viewed by arrangement.

  3. umm… only one made… don’t know… same engine, different frame by the look of this one: http://dogdragons.com/dogdragons/does/nec10/fruin/fruin.html

  4. I keep seeing “reports” that there was “only one built” and only two ever built” etc which is strange as I built two ! The first was sold to Geoff Monty ( Monty & Ward ) and the other is being rebuilt in my workshop when I`m not building Vendetta frames for other people. The original Fruin 4 used Moto Demm cylinders/heads/pistons and rods and was married to an Albion box. The frame was one of Bert`s own. He used very small fillets of bronze which worried me at the time ! Bert was a lovely bloke. I bought two sets of castings and remember how awful Bert`s drawings were !! I used N.S.U.Quickly components but wasn`t keen on the angle of the carbs and exhaust and have ben trying to find N.S.U. “QUICK 50″ components without luck. (anyone got any ?) My original used Reynolds l/link forks a Honda Cb92 front wheel and a cotton Telstar rear with my frame. I used two Lucas contact breakers, one each side of the crank.

  5. Eric Bannister on February 24, 2015 @ 5:43 pm

    Fruin’s bicycle shop was my local stop for bikes when I was a child. We would always drool over his home made motorbikes on display in the shop window. I had to settle for a Bantam!

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