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Fruin Dartela Pictures

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A very unusual bike (for me at least) at the 2008 Festival of 1000 Bikes.  It is based on a 49cc Demon engine and pulls 1.75HP at 6000 RPM.

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One Response to “Fruin Dartela”

  1. Bert Fruin ran a cycle shop in the Colham Green road and had a workshop at the side. I believe that he could not read drawings, but created some great little machines, including a 125cc double knocker. My friend and myself, had reason to obtain cycle bits from the shop and he was great talking motor cycles. Bearing in mind we were only 14 he took us to Silverstone with the 125,great man. An older friend purchased a Dartela, as above only red, and let us have a go. The engine was a Moto Demm, and he modified the chaincase for a revcounter.

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