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Fruin 4 Cylinder Pictures

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A stunning engine! I’m afraid I can’t tell you anything at all about this bike, but if anyone out there can, please get in touch, as I’d like to know more!

  • Manufacturer: Fruin
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Year:
  • Decade: 1900s
  • Machine Type: Race

3 Responses to “Fruin 4 Cylinder”

  1. Bert Fruin Special … Four NSU Quickly(Moped) engines in an MV road bike frame .. made in the early 1960′s

  2. I cannot tell you much appart from it is 200cc 2 stroke with 4 X NSU barrels and home made crank cases linked with 1 crank, its built on an MV Agusta cs 175 frame ..
    It was built by a bloke called ‘Bert Fruin’ and i believe 1961 vintage. and there si one in Isle of Man Motorcyucle Museum

    Here is an earlier one by same builder:

    And article in Old Bike mart referenced at: http://www.oldbikemart.co.uk/news/man-of-many-talents

  3. please send cylinder connection dig.

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