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1930s BSA Empire Star Pictures

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One Response to “1930s BSA Empire Star”

  1. This is identical to my bike (which is in bits). Mine was registered in 1937. The engine is the second series (Val Page design I believe, introduced in 1937) with a cast alloy push rod case (not the earlier twin tube style). This engine wa introduced in 1937 and in the same year won a “Gold Star” at Brooklands (or was it Thruxton). BSA saw a marketting opportunity and the bike was rebadged the “Gold Star Replica” for 1938 and the Empire star name was dropped and a legend was born. Like my bike, this one has twin exhaust ports and upswept exhaust pipes. This is most unusual, and, although I have come across other 1937 models with the Val Page engine, this is the first time I have ever seen another with twin exhaust ports. Although the Empire Star with this engine only ran for a year or so, the engine was the basis for all the “B” series singles right through to the introduction of the unit contruction engines.

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