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BSA A65 Rocket Outfit Pictures

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Many thanks to Brian Thatcher for this picture of his outfit in 1964. It is a BSA A65 Rocket with a Watsonian Monza Chair. Brian had huge amount of fun with this outfit especially in the wet and snow. He sold it in 1965 and saw someone riding it about a year later, unfortunately it was by then a real rusty wreck.

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One Response to “BSA A65 Rocket Outfit”

  1. hi had the EXACT same combination when I was a young man really miss it now.
    Wish I’d never sold it…………very happy memories…….very good LOOKER bike.
    went all over uk with it………but the initials allways live up to there name………..
    BLOODY SORE ASS !!!!!!!! HA! HA !………….best regards

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