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Adler 250cc Motocross Pictures

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Many thanks to Gus of Australia for sending this picture of the very first Motocross Adler model. Original source, owner of photo www.adler-veteranen.de scan by Michael Liebig http://www.adler-veteranen.de/fotogal/Motocross_Werk.jpg

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One Response to “Adler 250cc Motocross”

  1. Just had a ‘nudge’ to delve into some history of the Adler machines and found this.

    I owned an Adler Motocross of 1957 issue. Garnered some trophies with it in scrambles races in the early ’60s and then sold it to a friend after I found Bultaco machines coming onto the scene.

    I bought it second hand though it was very original except for the exhaust expansion chambers which had been sawed off and lost. I had seen the stock systems perform and the machine was lost without them. Eventually, I bought some replacements from an Adler dealer/stockist i n N.Y. state and they worked well.

    The factory supplied seat on that machine was an awesome though nearly useless large unit that went half way over the fuel tank in the front and was, I’d guess, over double the thickness of the ones I see in the recent photos and of the one above and had no sway in it to comfort the rider. It made the rider feel as though he was sitting on a plank and was very hard. Probably made by Denfeld who supplied so many saddles for German machines.

    Only troubles I had with it were with the cast iron gearbox plate behind the primary drive breaking and had a seizure of one of the rod bearings. The front rim was 19″ as I recall, the rear I don’t remember.

    It was a bear to handle until I replaced the seat with a Bates unit, common in the U.S. at the time. The handle bars were quite high and straight and with a cross brace and complemented the height of the seat. I managed to get by with them but did install a large, circular, dry air filter which I know helped it survive the scrambles environment.

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