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4 Valve Rudge Pictures

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Franco Visconti of Italy has sent me this picture in an effort to discover what the bike is in these fantastic shots. It’s a twin-port single, but I’m not sure what make it is. Can anyone help? If so, please email me and I will pass on the info to Franco.

Many thanks to Ulf Sonnevelt of Norway for his input. He believes this was taken in Austria, at a place named Heiligenblut (the holy blood) where you start crossing the Alps from the county of Kaernten or Styria, over to Salz-
burgerland. (Grossglockner-strasse!!!).

More feedback…! Michael Seidlhofer of Austria says “Definitely not Heiligenblut on the Glocknerstraße between Kärnten and Salzburg and definitely no Puch of any type,sorry. But Type of landscape and time of photo could fit. My guess:somwhere in South-Tyrol (Dolomiti) and a Belgian bike”

And thanks to Howard Burrows for finally identifying the bike as a 4 Valve Rudge.

  • Manufacturer:
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  • Engine:
  • Year:
  • Decade: 1920s
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  1. Hi there, the picture was taken at trafoi behind is the ortler in the region of the stilfser joch pass, the bike could be a 350 or 500 cc


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