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2003 Royal Enfield Bullet 65 Pictures

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Here is a photo of my sixty five Bullet which i had taken in Spring of this year (2011). I purchased the bike in 2010 from down south (uk). After running it for a short time i decided that i wanted the retro look, as the bike allready had the chrome tank, i then aquired a single seat, rack, exhaust system and front number plate holder, internally i up graded quite a number of worn out parts, these included a hi output coil, HT lead (all terminal connections re done), rear chain & sproket, tyres/tubes, several spokes & rebalance, all cables. Sinse then i have just rebuilt the top end after the exhaust valve seat had been eaten away fitting an over size ex valve, springs. its now running sweet and is sounding spot on. The next job is to replace the sprag clutch and to up grade the clutch plates, I was thinking of selling it but am now in second thoughts as it sounds so gooood.

  • Manufacturer: Royal Enfield
  • Model: sixty five
  • Engine: 500
  • Year: 2003
  • Decade: 1990s
  • Machine Type: Road

3 Responses to “2003 Royal Enfield Bullet 65”

  1. George Arber on October 4, 2011 @ 6:17 pm

    Nice bike. I am looking for a Bullet 65 so if you hear of a decent one for sale please let me know.

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