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1990 Jawa CZ R.T. 350 Pictures

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This Started out as a Jawa T.S. 350 . But after many changes . I decided to call it the R.T. 350 (retro twin ) as opposed to the 350 T.S. or (twin sport)

  • Manufacturer: Jawa C.Z.
  • Model: R.T. 350
  • Engine: 350 twostroke
  • Year: 1990
  • Decade: 1990s
  • Machine Type: Custom/Special

4 Responses to “1990 Jawa CZ R.T. 350”

  1. This is a one of a kind masterpiece. Just a bravo is not enough …

  2. This is a ferry and.ferry beautiful jawa .you make really a great bike the looks of the 70ts
    And i have seen on YouTube all your work it helps me .with my bike the 641sport .i gone tune the bike .two carburateurs and cilinder tuning and piston.tuning that is soon on YouTube tho see romy33damy

  3. andy williams on April 26, 2015 @ 7:55 pm

    That is a really nice job you have done, I am modifying my 632 into a 634 style and am looking for a more sporty front mudguard, yours is really neat, do you mind letting me know which bike it was from originally?

  4. Hello Terry, I have rebuilt a 1976 oilmaster from bits, all new parts, but am having trouble with the starter cam plate, I understand there are different types, eg.opposite gearchange sequence etc.if I get a reply I could quote the engine number etc, thanks, Trev.I

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