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1981 Honda CB650 RC 03 Pictures

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If you look at this bike and if you don’t have any information about it you might wonder what it is. Most people consider it being a CB 750 or 500 K. I have never met anybody so far recognising a CB 650 RC 03 in it. So what’s the story behind it?
I bought this bike 2008 in an almost original state for 200 €. It came with Koni shockabsorbers and a Sito exhaust sytem. The engine was broken, though. I replaced it by a 1979 engine with old carbs. It has 50.000 km and is running fine. Then I cut off the rear part of the frame just behind the shockabsorbers. I also cut off one third of the frontfender and it works now as the rear fender. The seat is selfconstruction with a 2 mm steel groundplate. The fork, the spokerims, the brakes and the side panels come from a CB 500 four K and give the bike the old retro look. It now has small direction indicater lights and a fender rear light. Frame, tank, cockpit and steering bar and everything else is still CB 650 RC 03. But with these few easy-to-do and cheap modifications it looks much more like a CB 500 four K, doesn’t it? And it only cost me about 500 €. Would you get a CB 500 or 750 four K for that price?

  • Manufacturer: Honda
  • Model: CB 650 RC 03
  • Engine: 650 ccm
  • Year: 1981
  • Decade: 1980s
  • Machine Type: Custom/Special

2 Responses to “1981 Honda CB650 RC 03”

  1. hello,
    i hope you can help me. I am searching such wire wheels for a while now. Where can i get such wheels?

    • Hello,

      As I mentioned above, the wheels are CB 500 four. They are identical to those of the CB 550 and CB 750 four, so you can use any of them. You need the fork, the brakes and the brake discs of the four-models also. The fork and the rear wheel fit perfectly into the frame, so its quite easy to do. The parts are easy to find on ebay. Please feel free to contact me (franckwolf@web.de) if you have any further questions.

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