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1974 Suzuki RV125 Pictures

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Found at the recycle area of my local rubbish tip. It had been droped off while I was there with my friend. I hummed and hard over it and left with out it. Over the next few hours it played on my mind. In the avo went back to the tip to see if it was still there. Dint believe my eyes to see it was. 50 dollars later and she is now mine. I now have to see if I can bring her back to life. A nice addition to my bike colection, a 1977 RV125 & a 1976 RM80.

Thanks to Kenny Tomlinson for this picture of his Suzuki RM125.

  • Manufacturer: Suzuki
  • Model: RV 125 sandbike
  • Engine:
  • Year: 1974 ?
  • Decade: 1970s
  • Machine Type: Road

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