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1972 Norton Commando Pictures

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1972 Norton Commando
Thanks to Peter Niblett for this picture of his bike. It was previously an Interstate but he has changed the tank & side panels to a roadster and installed a Corbin gunfighter seat.

It has had extensive works done to the engine, to cure the 1972/1973 750cc models manufacturing problem with the breather being to low down at the rear of the crankcase, causing oil cavitation around the scavenge oil hole and the oil returning though the breather back to the tank. A plate has been added into the sump to make the oil pool and return through a re-positioned oil scavenge hole and back through the oil return pipe to the tank.. The breather has been moved from the low down at the rear, to the top of the timing case and a blanking plate fitted to the old breather hole. The engine is now running as it should, using a 21 tooth engine sprocket instead of the 19 tooth factory fitted one.

All the works were done by Colin of Thor motorcycles Bodmin a commando specialist. The front brake was a set up of Colin’s using a 13 floating disc with a Grimeca calliper & triumph master cylinder and lever.

Everything on this bike has either been replaced or renewed as you can see from the photo. This is now a well set up commando and apparently a joy to ride.

  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Year: 1972
  • Decade: 1970s
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