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1971 IZH Jupiter Pictures

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I wanted something a little out of the ordinary to tinker with and was drawn to these, seen on Ebay here in Australia. This one is partly restored by previous owner and I bought it without travelling to see it before buying.
Izh factory in Udmurtia, a Russian state, is the producer of many products other than bikes, the Kalashnikov AK47 probably being the most famous.
There are a few things need repairing on this bike and I plan not to rush fanatically into it (as I am prone to doing). This bike will have an easy existence, used occasionally, on a nice day!
Parts sourcing seems tricky, but have met some fellow enthusiasts online who are a helpful bunch! Happy to hear from others!

  • Manufacturer: IZH
  • Model: Jupiter
  • Engine: Two stroke 350 twin
  • Year: 1971
  • Decade: 1970s
  • Machine Type: Road

4 Responses to “1971 IZH Jupiter”

  1. thomas kennedy on January 3, 2011 @ 4:12 pm

    Looks like an ADLER copy…

  2. Hello. I am another Jupiter owner in Australia and I would like to contact other Jupiter owners. I have learned a fair bit about them so far but still have some questions and could use a few parts. Any other owners or previous owners out there?

    • Hi Biker Boy,
      This is freaky that I saw your comment so soon. I was sitting here blabbing on the phone and just happened to click on an item in my favourites, forgetting I’d put this pic here ages ago!
      I’m in Coober Pedy SA, not any other IZH’s around – except for the Planeta 3 I also have.
      This bike is a bit of a mix between series 2 &3. I thought it pretty good BUT it doesn’t usually select 2nd or 3rd gear, so will need to pull motor apart. Motor was apart in the past for doing up (previous to me getting it) and the older gent I bought it from on ebay honestly didn’t know this problem. Talked to the man who had it apart and he agrees he may have messed something up in there. One day I’ll have to go in there and learn as I go, hopefully fix it – or get the gearbox bits from the spare (not running) motor.
      I’ve some manuals for these bikes, so that should help. I’m not a mechanic but should be okay with the job.
      I have too many other distractions and should have fixed this bike long ago. I promise myself I’ll get to it this year.
      Good to hear from you. What sort of shape is your’s in? They are quite a funky, strong machine I reckon. Quality of components and assembly seem their downfall.
      Instead of me picking slowly away at the keyboard, give me your phone number and I’ll tell you what I’ve learned about finding parts. My number is 08 8672 5792 – let it ring and leave a message if no answer. My email is undergroundlife@ozemail.com.au
      Cheers, Andrew.

    • Hi Biker Boy , I have recently bought a 1971 Jupiter 2 to do a complete restoration on . I bought this motorcycle as a rolling frame and a few box’s with the dissembled engine and the rest of the parts . A lot of work to do because the shed where the bike was stored had the Brisbane river flow over the top of the shed during the last floods a couple of years ago . This is not my first bike in a box project but it is the first bike I want to restore back to totally original condition . This bike still has tires on it that have USSR on the sidewall . I’m not to far away from Brisbane and have joined the Russian iron motorcycle club and call myself desmo420 on the site .

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