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1965 Norvin Rapide Pictures

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1000cc rapide 1 1/4 inch su carbs Vincent Lightening cam shafts, Norton featherbed frame, alloy tank and racing seat, BSA Gold star Clip ons and Silencer, running on Castrol R.
I was 17 when I brought the bike in 1965 influenced by George Browns Nero as I was a member of Stevenage sprint club and attended many sprints at Duxford during the early sixties, although most of the parts were present it was only partially built which allowed me to finish the build to my own specification and once finished I rode it for 18 months.
The Norvin was a great bike to ride once you had mastered the starting proceedure, also not to ride to slowly in traffic as the bike was quite top heavy, I can remember falling off after running out of petrol whilst looking down to turn on the reserve tap, it was fairly quick from stand still and once rolling the torque came in and it would wheel spin in second gear in the wet, I can remember seing 135mph, this is the only picture I have and taken in 1966 the rider is a relation.

Thanks to Anthony Cox for this picture.

  • Manufacturer: vincent 1000
  • Model: Norvin
  • Engine: 1000 Rapide
  • Year: reg 1965
  • Decade: 1950s
  • Machine Type: Custom/Special

4 Responses to “1965 Norvin Rapide”

  1. John. Gibson. on February 19, 2012 @ 4:51 pm

    What a lovely Norvin – where is it now? The first I saw was in 1960 at Charterhall riden by Louis Carr. Bob McIntyre was racing that day and was just able to keep ahead of Louis.


  2. If memory serves, I think I met this bike and owner at the Johnson’s Motorcycle Club in the summer of ’65. (When asked how he liked it, he replied: “It’s fine- but the motor has to come out of the frame to adjust the valves.”)

  3. Great picture. Looking back now (as a road rider, non racer) I think the ‘Norvin’ was perhaps a strange mix as the engine was meant to be stress-bearing and a Featherbed cradle frame seems overkill. I remember Motorcycle Mechanics pictured one about 1966 in the ‘Letters’ section by somebody called McCoy ( McCoy Vincent/Norvin ring any bells?) claiming 170mph. On a Smiths Speedo no doubt. Keep up the good work!

  4. brian thurlborn on December 25, 2012 @ 5:36 pm

    I remember in the M M about McCoy and his Norvin,he shortened the stroke,used manx pistons and many other mods !! And he claimed about 170 mph,M M were going to road test it but i never found the test,i almost got a shadow engine in the 60s ,but the seller (he had five ! in his barn !) felt that i would cannibalise it to make it a Norvin ! (he would have been right!)

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