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1963 Ducati Daytona Pictures

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  • Year: 1963
  • Decade: 1960s
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3 Responses to “1963 Ducati Daytona”

  1. Is this bike for sale. I live in Loftus north yorkshire. Where can i see this bike. Please reply to tonyleonard@tiscali.co.uk

  2. Had one of these in 1964. It was my first proper motorcycle after scooters. It was a lot quicker than any British 250 or 350 for that matter. It cost me around £200, second hand and at 6ft 3in I was probably a bit big for it, butI loved it. It as it had an overhead cam, was much quicker than most British bikes at the time. It handled superbly and the large drum brake was a good stopper. The engine was good, but I seem to recollect that the electrics were a bit temperamental. When I first got it I didn’t have the money to get a helmet, so I rode like an idiot flat out without one. I threw it down the road about 6 times and was knocked off it once by a bus with many many near misses. Lucky to be still here I guess, but happy times. Rode it all over the country then part exchanged it at Kings of Stretford (£160) for a Triumph speed twin.

    70 next year and still riding fast bikes, but I do often think about the little Daytona, the bike I cut my teeth on. Hope its still out there somewhere, no doubt worth megabucks these days..

  3. Hi Francis
    Agree with all your coments. You are five years older than me and I got my Daytona in 1969 in the same colours as the bike in the photo. Like you, I have had many bikes since then but if I could get hold of just one bike from my past it would be the 250 Daytona. Maybe it’s just being old but I still think this is a fine looking bike today..Tony

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