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1962 Royal Royal Enfield Bullet Pictures

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Acquired 1962 Royal En Field motorcycle 350cc make England (USG-2518) from my late Uncle & Dad. Hope he was alive today to see me ride his bike. Tried to restore the Engine with various mechanics but was unable to find a Genuine mechanic. In 1980 changed the Regt No. to MZB-1440 Pune.How i encouraged my self to racing. During my child hood days one day a GURU visited my house and was reading my Moms hand explaining her future and she forced me to show my hand but was not keen.However i showed up my hand and the BABA said you are going to a very good racer take part in it. I was happy with the comments.In 1978 at 20 years dared to make an attempt on my Royal En Field 1962 and took part in Motor Cross race in Pune (Hadapsar) organized by PARA (Pune Automotive Racing Club).I had no guts to inform Mom about the Motor Cross Race.
The Bike was looking half naked with out the Head-Lamps, T/Lamp & crash guards.
Mom was confused and angry and she didn’t want to allow me. She held on to the Bike and was standing firm in front to stop me. I got worried now what to do & she was adamant & angry.
To divert Moms mind I pretended to clean the bike & start the bike with out the ignition key on, gradually mom moved towards the rear wheel and held the U clamp fixed to the seat.
Praying she takes off her hand for a second and i would be gone. Luckily some neighbors came over to say hello for a chat and mom took off her off her hands and i just did not look back, & said i will back soon, rode off straight to the Motor Cross Venue in Hadapsar. Fared very well in the motor cross race leading up to 4th lap, but in the 5th lap fell over a hump & my race was over for the day. My race came to a halt coz the front forks were bent & the bike wld not move. I had to settle down feeling bad for not finishing my 1st favorite motor cross race. Nevertheless I did not loose hope & told myself will try again next year. For me it was a GR8 Finish!!!.
In 1982 Rode the MRF High Range Rally from Mumbai to Khopoli- Pen-Saswad-Pune covering 250kms. Completed the rally in time to collect the finishers trophy. Before the start I placed the road map on fuel tank taped it well & enjoyed the race a lot since it was my first long rally off roads from Pen on wards unexpected.It was initially a tough rally competing with season riders, entered in a novice class. Preferred not to carry a pillion on a/c accidents if any, I was afraid & did’t want to take a risk. One hair pin bend which shocked me & took me by surprice on the off roads of Saswad, I cld not see in the dark or even dream off a sharp hair pin bend hear i cld have ended my motorcycling carrier in 1982. Had I not been alert I wld have been gone in with the wind in to the deep valley & never returned.This was my 1st deadly experience got a New life but I did not share with my family for all obvious reasons. I am happy I was ALERT & saved my self from a tragic death. WOW what a feeling!!My young mother wld have lost her up coming son in his 20s. That was one dread full & frightening experience. I stopped at the hair pin bend for a minute to see the deep valley and checked where I wld have landed with the bike. Oh It was scary and I was solo nobody behind, Carried on further
to complete the rally & recovered from the shock of terror. I was happy for not riding with a pillion, hence it was the right decision taken before start.
In 2006 joined the Roadshakers Royal En Field Biking Club in Pune & rode with the Himalayan Odyssey on my Royal En Field 1962 350cc M/CYL from Delhi to Leh and my veh never broke down.
I was the only person to ride the vintage classic M/CYL. Covering 2500 kms in 14 days.
In 2007-Jan Rode to Nagpur for the Rider Mania hosted by Wander Lusts club. Covering 1800 kms to & fro in 4 days time.
2008-Jan Rode to Hyderabad for Rider Mania hosted by Wanderers. Covering 1200 kms to & fro. 2008-Oct-Rode my 1952 CZ-Jawa to Hyd-Bad to attend the Military games. Covering 1000 kms to& fro.
2009-Jan rode to Ooty & Coorg Valley for the Rider Mania.Covering 2500 kms+.
2009-Sept Rode on Electra 4 speed Royal En Field to the mountains of Leh-Sikkim-Bhutan-Shillong-Cherrapunji to Arunachal Pradesh Balukpong-Bomdilla-Dirang-Twang near China border.covering over 4000 Kms.
2009-Nov Rode to Goa for the Rider Mania hosted by Ryl.En.Co.Covering over 1000 kms.
2010-Jan Rode to Vikramgarh on Gujrat Hi way for the Rider Mania hosted by Inddieth Thumpers BBY. Covering 800 kms.
2010-Nov Rode to North-East of India Arunachal-Pradesh.From Ghuwhati to Itanagar-Zero-Mechuka near China border covering 2196 kms in 10 days.After finishing North-East in Nov-2010 flew over to Mumbai to reach Goa next morning for the Rider Mania. The Goa RM is like Heaven never to miss it.
2011-Jan Attend Rider Mania in Kolkata hosted by Easter-Bulls.
2011-Nov Rode to Goa for the Rider Mania hosted by R.E.Co.Covering over 1000 kms. Events- Placed 2nd in slow race.

  • Manufacturer: Royal En Field Motorcycles Reddith
  • Model: Royal En Field Mk.England
  • Engine: G2/49998-EI-11998
  • Year: 1962
  • Decade: 1960s
  • Machine Type: Custom/Special

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  1. This Royal Enfield is one of a batch of 250 not recorded in the Redditch factory ledgers, all the frame numbers having no entry. It would actually have left the UK in 1961 as a kit of parts for assembly at Madras.
    I would be most grateful if the owner would contact the chairman from the REOC website.

    E-mail : chairman@royalenfield.org.uk
    URL : http://RoyalEnfieldOwnersClub

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