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1960s Hondas Pictures

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1. My first bike bought from legend racer Sammy Tanner in Calif USA 1961. I’ve never found another Hawk with a seat like this one.

2. Second bike is 1963 Scrambler. My son Steve now 50 yrs old.

Note: Honda cars weren’t out in Calif yet. Sammy was 7 time national Champ and working at a Honda Dealership in Long Beach, Calif.

  • Manufacturer: Honda
  • Model: Super Hawk, Scrambler
  • Engine: 305 cc, 250cc
  • Year: 1961, 1963
  • Decade: 1960s
  • Machine Type: Road

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  1. The seat is from the Race Kit microfiche that Honda offered to club racers who wanted to buy a CB72 or CB77 and kit it out for racing. There were many parts including a 5 speed transmission.

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