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1960 Norton Manxman Pictures

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The Export Norton Manxman For the USA only, Built From November 1960 to September 1961. 654 Machines built, limited addition Custom special.

Many thanks to Anna Jeannette Dixon for this picture,

  • Manufacturer: norton
  • Model: manxman
  • Engine: 650cc twin
  • Year: 1960
  • Decade: 1900s
  • Machine Type: Custom/Special

4 Responses to “1960 Norton Manxman”

  1. Benjamin Gradler on March 30, 2014 @ 4:49 pm

    Actually there were less than 654 Manxman 650cc bikes built and this is why:

    The factory records do not show the first 650ss Nortons as being SS bikes, so a lot of people look at the records and just assumed that because the records do not say the bike is an SS that it is a Manxman. The first 650s bikes were shipped to the USA and cosmetically the first 50 were very close to the Manxman, the second 50 had black seats and some blue cycle parts but not all blue like some of the Manxman bikes. The first 650ss had a serial number of 99498 and an engine shop number in the mid-500 range. After 99498 the bikes were stamped “650ss” back by their crankcase breathers.

    On a side note the bike in the main photo has the wrong exhaust pipes, notice in the photo underneath the one Manxman has a kinked-in right pipe to help the tacho cable clear easier, this is how production Manxmans were sold when new. Tough parts to come across now…..

  2. well from the factory records the first batch of Norton manxman 650′s were some 330 machines sent in the first batch this was sent on January 13 1961 for the new sales season in the USA my bike was among the first batch and this machine i have now did not come with its original exhaust , I had to find the right ones the silencers were found in Sweden and are the original silencers for the manxman the left hand down pipe is the right type the right hand only is the wrong type of down pipe there very Hard to find , I am going too get one made as soon as I can afford to have it made, I have only very limited cash follow

  3. Hey Guys ,
    I just purchased a 1960 Norton Manxman. The bike was disassembled and painted black, but I have been scraping the black paint off with my fingernail and the original blue paint is under there and in very nice condition. the seat was re-upholstered over the original red seat so that is intact as well. was last on the road in ’67. Anyone know anyone interested in this bike?

  4. are you trying to show off or something

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