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1958 Dunkley Whippet Sports Pictures

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Another new bike to me!  A 65cc Dunkley.  These were made between 1957 and 1959.  On show at the Carole Nash Classic Mechanics Show in 2010.

  • Manufacturer: Dunkley
  • Model: Whippet Sports
  • Engine: 65cc
  • Year: 1958
  • Decade: 1950s
  • Machine Type: Road

6 Responses to “1958 Dunkley Whippet Sports”

  1. Hello, I’ve just come across this photo, I don’t know when it was posted on the net. I had one of these. I bought it new (shop soiled) in 1961 I think for £45 but I’m not too sure about that. It probably had the worst engine of any motorbike. Mine had all sorts of problems. The little four stroke engine had a two speed hand operated gear ghange, that arangement was quite common in those days. If the owner of this bike ever reads this, if the bike had a hand painted tank and if the cylinder bolts were pegged into the crankcase then it could well be my old one! Luckily it hasn’t put me off motorbikes I now have a Suzuki Katana and an RG500.

  2. Hi,
    I had one of these too. Back in 1959. New from Brian lee motorcycles in Scunthorpe.
    Mine was Dark Green. Dual seat was literally a pain in the a**e after a few miles.
    I went through three crankshafts in two months. The flywheel kept sheering off across the key way on its tapered section.this thing must rate as the worst motorcycle of all time.
    Needless to say it was soon sold on and no doubt will be worth a fortune now.
    Good character builder.

  3. I had a brand new one of these given to me by a bike and pram retailer in Harlington Middlesex PULLENS. (Ernie) He was given it by Dunkleys as a display model this was in in 1958 when I was 17 they were made in Hounslow not far away from his shop. I must have had one of the good ones made I done a lot of my early years of courting on this bike, the girls let me down more than the bike did.( I expect they got fed up with sore back sides from riding pillion) Was very pleased to find a photo of one

  4. My late brother Peter had one of these in 1958 in red i have a photo somewhere with me sitting on the bike at 9 years old.
    Peter used to test Norton bikes for a living at Norton Bracebridge st Aston Birmingham.

  5. Hi, just looking up some of the old bikes I used to have and the Dunkley Whippet Sports was one of them. This was way back in 1961, my Dad paid very little for it from Cundles BSA Motorcycle dealer in Liverpool. I lived in Wallasey at the time and was apprenticing at Cammell Laird Shipyard. The Dunkley replaced my Mobylette Moped. The Dunkley looked really sporty but without question was the worst piece of crap I’ve ever owned!! It certainly was capable of making mechanics out of riders and an almost daily ritual was to replace the sheered off camshaft gear and flywheel. If the engine started first kick you were set for the day, but usually it would kick back and with my foot still on the starter, it would “retime” itself. As mentioned, the bike was like new in British Racing Green and when we gave it away, it was an Italian Red (home respray). I’m supposedly more mature in my early 70′s but would still purchase one for nostalgic (not mechanical) reasons !!! I’ve lived in Canada since 1971 and am happy to chat with people that had one of these. If anyone feels so inclined, I can be reached at smithdandp@gmail.com

  6. I bought one of these at Victor Horsman about 1958 spent more time fixing it than riding it I sold it for £5.00 it never went again

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