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1954 MV Agusta 203cc Pictures

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Thanks to Dave Martin for this picture.  It shows John Hogans works supported 1954 203cc MV – showing the wear and tear of two seasons. 

  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Year: 1954
  • Decade: 1950s
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3 Responses to “1954 MV Agusta 203cc”

  1. Neil Tinker on August 4, 2017 @ 8:12 pm

    I am very interested in this MV Agusta. I was concerned about the date – 1954.
    I am aware that MV wanted to race in all classes in the World championship races (6) and were in the process of developing a 250 twin. The twin came in overweight and did not have the acceleration to be competitive so MV bored out a 125 DOCH to 203 – the class required a capacity of 201 to 249 cc.
    Len Tinker purchased a 125cc SOHC to race in the “European circus” when he was touring the continent with Keith Campbell (World Champion riding a Moto-Guzzi 1957).
    We purchased a 125 DOHC and a 203cc Dohc direct from the factory in 1957. We also purchased Hubert Luttenberger’s 1956 DOHC MV on which he was the German 125 Champion.
    The 203 was known for blowing up “big ends”. When we were at the I.O,M we spoken to a rep. from Alpha Bearing. They solved the problem by making us new aluminum cages. They deleting one roller and increasing the thickness of the”lands” between the rollers. This new cage lasted the rest of the season on the continent
    I have heard many stories about these machines, Your best authority in England would be John Surtes. There are not many of the riders who competed in the 50′s around so I would recommend a book published in Australia – Circus Life.

    • Neil Hello,
      I too am very interested in the early single MV racers.
      I have recently obtained a 203 DOHC MV as a basket case and I have started to rebuild/ restore it. What I need is general information (unfaired photos etc)and particularly technical info. I understand that MV provided some technical info with the bikes.
      If you have anything that would assist in the rebuild I would be most grateful to hear from you

      best wishes David Evans (UK)

  2. Hi there from NZ Neil , I purchased some BSA Goldie stuff from your late brother and knew about the two MVs he had and believe that you have them now , like you I also have a keen interest in these great little bikes . I have the bones of a factory works 250 Aermacchi

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