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1954 AJS E95 Porcupine Pictures

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This ex-works machine is one of only four ever produced. Dubbed the Porcupine because of the spiked finning on the cylinder head, it was a serious challenger that never quite fulfilled its potential. Earlier models were bedevilled with magneto shaft failures and induction problems which the E95 was meant to solve. Introduced in 1952, it had its cylinders inclined at 45 degrees which called for a new frame and featured a long underslung oil pump. Bob McIntyre, Derek Farrant and Rod Coleman were the riders, with Rod managing to gain second place in Ulster and to win the Swedish Grand Prix. Just as the Porcupine was reaching its swansong in 1954, AJS withdrew from GP racing.

This example is being offered for sale by auction in August 2011. Should be an interesting result….

  • Manufacturer: AJS
  • Model: Porcupine E95
  • Engine:
  • Year: 1954
  • Decade: 1950s
  • Machine Type: Race

3 Responses to “1954 AJS E95 Porcupine”

  1. We were all waiting to hear how this was to become the “World Beater” and were sad when
    AJS withdrew from competition after so much publicity, I always thought it was due to a change in racing rules but never did discover the real cause, development costs maybe


  2. Where is auction, would like to bid on ajs porcupine

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