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1952 BSA Star Twin “Maudes Trophy” Pictures

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This is one of three BSA’s that competed in the 1952 International Six Days Trial.  All three bikes, randomly selected from the production line, picked up Gold medals and earned BSA the Maudes Trophy.  The three bikes were ridden by Brian Martin, Fred Rist and Norman Vanhouse.  This one, on display at the National Motorcycle Museum, was discovered amongst a pile of junk in a Birmingham garage and has since been fully restored.

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  • Year: 1952
  • Decade: 1950s
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3 Responses to “1952 BSA Star Twin “Maudes Trophy””

  1. Uncle Jim Reynolds on June 2, 2011 @ 10:28 pm

    This is the bike Norman Vanhouse rode and today – June 2nd – his many friends gathered at the Robin Hood Crematorium to bid farewell to a gentleman who worked in the industry for BSA and then Yamaha. His place as a Yamaha Area Sales Manager was taken by the young Andrew Smith, who was present at the funeral in his current capacity as Head of Yamaha Europe’s Motorcycle Division.
    Norman was a fine rider, winning the Red Marley Hill Climb and a Gold Medal in the 1950 International Six Days Trial before winning another in the Maudes Trophy success outlined above. The BSA is on display at the National Motor Cycle Museum.

  2. The second owner was Arthur Jones, of Rhigos, South Wales.
    He is still alive and intends to go to the museum to veiw the bike.
    He paid £190.00 for it, from Fred Rist of Neath.
    The bike still had the blue paint marks from scruteneering.
    Ian Fleming.

  3. hi ian would the bsa star twin that arther jones purchased be mol 301 fred rists bike I think it has to be as fred had started his own business in neath even before the maudes trophy event and was persuaded to stay to do this last event it would be great to speak to mr jones especially my father[ colin wall] who found mol303 in a bike shop in selly oak bham[ in walking distance from the ariel factory] it would be great to invite him to the museum to sit on mol303 I wish I had seen these messages 4 years ago I hope you still have mr jones contact details many many thanks Wesley wall my phone number is 01214593130 dads number 01214780678

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