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1950′s Monark Jawa Pictures

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My uncle João Teixeira, and his bike in Ubatuba city, Brazil.  He’s now 95 years old and has told me it’s a German Motorcycle from the 1930′s or 40′s.  Can somebody tell me what is this? AN nsu??

  • Manufacturer: Monark
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Year:
  • Decade: 1950s
  • Machine Type: Road

9 Responses to “1950′s Monark Jawa”

  1. Hi I think that it is most likely to be an NSU 125 or 250cc . Companies like Bicicletas MONARK in Sao Paulo imported a large variety of NSU models 50cc and upwards . Espere que isse ajuda voce . Un abraco Ian Ross

  2. Hello, J.T. and nephew, Nice bike! I would say it’s a pre-war D.K.W. (German). Both Harley and B.S.A. were granted rights to this engine from D.K.W. as part of the post-World War 2 settlement. (H.-D. made the Hummer , B.S.A. made the Bantam) The engine is an exact twin to either one. The bike looks a lot like my Harley, except the plunger rear.

  3. this probably be a cezepel 250, from checz republic,

  4. Ela é uma Monark Jawa. Foi montada pela Monark no brasil entre 1951/1954 sob licença da Jawa Checoslovaquia. Sei porque tenho uma exatamente igual, na lateral do tanque é possivel ver o emblema da Monark na época, é so digitar o nome Monark no google e voce vai ver o logo igual a essea ai.

    • She is a Monark Jawa. It was built by Monark in Brazil between 1951/1954 under license from Czechoslovakia Jawa. I know because I have an exact match on the side of the tank is possible to see the emblem of Monark at the time, you just enter the Monark name on google and you will see the logo like this one.

  5. Bom Dia , Eu estou de acordo com Marcio . Essse moto e’ provavelmente da JAWA do epoca 50/60 .

  6. Sim, com certeza! tenho uma para restaurar que vai ficar igual à da foto!

  7. Knucklehead Dan on October 10, 2016 @ 1:40 am

    This is a 1950′s. Monark, just by the logo on the gaz tank.Nop its not german or czeck its a Swedish motorbike

  8. It is a Swedish bike, MONARK. They had in the 1950´s a factory in Sao Paolo, Brazil, where they manufactured bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles. For the motorcycles they allways installed JAWA or CZ engines, the one on the picture seems to be a JAWA 250cc 353 engine.
    Frames were the same as the bikes produced in Varberg, Sweden, but in the Swedish produced bikes, ther was a variety of different makes of engines; Husqvarna, CZ ILO, BSA, Ardie, Sachs, .. But funny enough never JAWA. MONARK never produced an engine of their own.
    In Brazil they seem to have been of high estime, they were called JAWA-MONARK, and had a very stylish tank badge, very different to the modestly badged Swedish made counterpart.
    For the Brazilian made JAWA-MONARK 150cc, they used a CZ 150C engine. This was produced from around 1955, when the 150C engine was about to be discontinued. MONARK ordered a special series of typeC engine, embossed with a “M” badge where normally there is a “CZ” badge. These arenow very rare, at least in Europe. They were all made for the Brazilian factory.

    First youtube film is of a 250cc JAWA-MONARK, Brazilian made

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