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1950 TWN BDG Barn Find Pictures

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I found this TWN in a barn. It is complete and has just one owner since 1950. I will start to renovate this spring.

Triumph-Werke Nürnberg AG or TWN, was German bicycle and motorcycle company. In 1886, Siegfried Bettmann founded the Triumph bicycle factory in Coventry, England, and in 1896 he founded a second bicycle factory in his native Nuremberg, Germany, under the same Triumph name. Both factories branched out into making motorcycles: the Coventry factory in 1902 and the Nuremberg factory in 1903.

Dur to brand confusion, the German arm of the business was renamed TWN in 1913.

The BDG 250 you can see in this picture was made from 1949 to 1957 and boasts a 12hp 248cc two stroke engine capable of 68mph.

  • Manufacturer: TWN
  • Model: BDG
  • Engine: 250cc
  • Year: 1950
  • Decade: 1950s
  • Machine Type: Road

3 Responses to “1950 TWN BDG Barn Find”

  1. I would advise you to keep it original. Restoring it will only destroy the original paint and patina, and give nothing. Original is always best.

  2. Hi there, great bike to find in that condition!just clean it and oil it,just one more point, as regards to the name, because of the English copyright laws, only English Triumph’s when exported can still carry the name Triumph! In Germany, German made Triumph’s still carry the name,but when they were exported were named TWN (Triumph Werke Nurnberg) and that all the name changing took place in 1923. see more on my web site about TWN/Triumph.
    regards Bernie.

  3. Hans Juergen Kahler on September 3, 2015 @ 11:11 am

    The post-war TWN (Triumph) 125, 250 and 350 Boss were all twin piston models with a common combustion chamber. That is why they were not call “two cylinder” or “twin cylinder”.
    They had a forked con rod, meaning the two pistons were positioned side by side.
    I don’t know whether the TWN (Triumph) scooter had the same sort of engine.

    In the Austrian Puch “twin piston” models (125, 175, 250 cc) the pistons were in tandem positions and the con rod had a hinged rear segment for the rear piston. The earlier models (TF250) had only one spark plug, SG and SGS had twin spark ignition. The Puch 150 cc scooter did have only a single piston engine.

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