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1950 Motoconfort 125cc Pictures

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Some pictures sent in by Ian Vert. They show what he believes is a Motoconfort 125cc four stroke of around 1950/51 vintage. Ian understands that it was originally manufactured by Motobecane in France, but we know very little else. It seems totally original other than the paintwork, complete and runs very well. Have you ever come across the marque before? If so, please let me know as Ian would like to know more..

Many thanks to Didier Bellec, a member of the Motobecane Club de France (find them at www.motobecane-club-de-france.org) for pointing out that this is in fact a C45 S. It’s a 125 cc. Motoconfort is a sister company to Motobecane. It was created when the Motoconfort owners decided to venture into the market for larger bikes than they were used to building. That way if the project were to fail using a different commercial name (Motoconfort as opposed to Motobecane) then the original company name would be preserved. Besides this would allow them to have two representatives in any one city whereas the then current regulation did not permit more than one per town.
If the paintwork is the original one it means this motorcycle was built in 1956 or after (till 1961), before that the original paint was a a two tones brown.

  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Year: 1950
  • Decade: 1950s
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  1. salve io ne ho una a garage regalata con targa ….ma il colore è diverso serbatoio bianco telaio nero….qualcuno può dirmi che valore ha….però ho smarito documenti. ancora c,è la targa.- ringrazio anticipatamente.

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