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1949 Rene Gillet VI Pictures

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A nice 1949 Rene Gillet.

This bike features interchangeable, QD wheels, a  four speed wide ratio gearbox and forks of their own design.

  • Manufacturer: Rene Gillet
  • Model: VI
  • Engine: 124cc 5.5HP
  • Year: 1949
  • Decade: 1940s
  • Machine Type: Road

4 Responses to “1949 Rene Gillet VI”

  1. Hi I have a Rene fillet 125cc v1 looking for any information on the bike manual, or any paper work about Rene or some one else that might be able to help


  2. Hi
    My brother has a 1952 Rene Gillett 125 Mk6
    If you would like to get in touch he would appreciate it, as he’s without any other Rene Gillett support.

    • Hi Jenson your brother has a Rene fillet 125cc 1952.I have a Rene gilet 125cc v1.
      stripped and know trying to rebuild . My problems,
      1/kick start spring broken
      2/ compression valve missing
      3/ no electrics I only have a head light / no back light /no switch / no horn / have a wire coming out of magneto
      3/ I have a very good spark but will not fire up.
      4/ no seat cover
      I have part of a manual in French if you like a copy let me know.sorry it taken so long to get in touch I have only just got your message
      Yours sincerely dug

  3. Hi Dug,
    I think i am Jason’s brother, sorry it has taken me so long to get to you, I don’t think he ever mentioned this to me, i just stumbled upon this post whilst searching for a gear selector for mine.
    How far have you got through your list? Would be good to get in touch and discuss. I still haven’t met anyone else with one of these.

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