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1949 Gilera Saturno Prototype Pictures

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This is a picture of the most old prototype Gilera Saturno in the world. this motorcycle is ex-works and in 1949 has been sold to a private driver, and after about 30 years I purchased and now is in running and racing conditions! Believe me is a really light and very easy to drive, is a plasure to drive it. Ciao, Marcello

  • Manufacturer: Gilera
  • Model: Saturno
  • Engine: 500cc
  • Year: 1949
  • Decade: 1940s
  • Machine Type: Race

2 Responses to “1949 Gilera Saturno Prototype”

  1. Hello Marcello,

    I own a Saturno 1948 which I bought in original racing trim and it was identical to your bike.
    I modified the bike and registered it for street use and I use it regular. The sound is antisocial however beautiful.
    If you can give me your Email address than I can send you some pictures of my bike and we can compare serial numbers and other specifications.
    In what way is the adjustment of the valveplay on your bike?

    Best regards,
    Martin Drop

  2. Hello Marcello,

    Did you receive my message on the Saturno?

    Martin Drop

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