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1947 Parilla Compitizione road racer Pictures

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After WW II Italy was mad for motorcycle racing but banned from International Competition. Giovanni Parrilla on a noontime bet bragged he could build a winner unlike the other Italian offerings of the time. Oh no way! said his mates. He then bought a 46 Manx & studied the design, sold it & drew up plans for a 250 Road Racer named the Compitizione. It won it’s first club race and many thereafter. When Parilla finally was allowed back on the world stage, this model was no longer Competitive. The Model did however throw fuel on the fire of the Italian passion for competition.

  • Manufacturer: Moto Parilla Meccanica
  • Model: Compitizione road racer
  • Engine: 250cc shaft & bevel SOHC
  • Year: 1947
  • Decade: 1940s
  • Machine Type: Race

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