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1940 Triumph 3SE Pictures

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In the 1937 Triumph catalogue there were side valve machines similar to OHV 3H, designated 3S, indicating engine capacity (3=350 cc) and S side valves.
3S was a low cost model, with low maintenance and high reliability of its 350 cc side valve engine for taking its owner to work and back each day.
In 1938 an Export Edition SE was added to catalogue following a strong request from Australia. The “export only” model SE had just a plain black tank with no instrument panel. It was described as “… all features of doubtful value have been eliminated.” It was just a reliable machine with all was needed for riding over large areas of bush.
Triumph produced a “limited availability” catalogue for 1940 and the production was in favour of 5.440 of the 3SW military model.
Nowadays 3SE is very rare all over the world and is between the latest side valve Triumph models designed by Edward Turner.
This item was restored in 1995 following Triumph original specifications at top quality work. It has been carefully kept in a private museum and started every six months about or used for rallies and club meetings.
Registered in Italy, perfectly running, highly reliable, light and easy to drive, has obtained the Golden Plate from A.S.I. (www.asifed.it) and is registered at International Federation of Veteran Vehicles (F.I.V.A.).
The bike is in Napoli (Italy) with valid Italian papers and technical control up to July 2013.

Thanks to Francesco for these great pictures.

  • Manufacturer: Triumph
  • Model: 3SE
  • Engine: 350 cc sidevalves
  • Year: 1940
  • Decade: 1940s
  • Machine Type: Road

4 Responses to “1940 Triumph 3SE”

  1. frank smith on January 2, 2012 @ 7:37 pm

    A friend had this Model during and after WW2, fitted with extended seat, I rode back and to with him to work……repainted later in triumph colours. lovely Bike, can’t help wondering what its value would be today, I believe he paid around eighty pounds for it back then, eleven weeks wages at least.

  2. In Angola (Africa) in the 1940′s to 50′s, David Long, (a Brethren missionary) had one of these. It was extremely useful in the bush, for hunting and because it could easily navigate the narrow footpaths. He could take another person on the back and it was still not hard to navigate. A really nice machine.

  3. eric libon on March 19, 2019 @ 8:46 pm

    good article but you will find that triumph exported 1937 3se to australia .I have one

    • Gday Eric.
      I have a 35.36 or 37 3S model, missing a few bits. Is yours complete, do you have any leftover spares?

      I am in Melbourne.

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