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1938 Matchless G90 Super Clubmans Pictures

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Thanks to Christian Gyde of Denmark for this picture.  This G90 is quite rare – the Owners Club has only two runners registered, mine being one of them. He found it on a remote island in Denmark in 2007. As the bike was equipped with a monstreous rear seat and has been passed between working men at the island, he guesses none of them ever found out they actually had a sportstourer in their hands. There is a compression plate fitted, which removed wil take the compression to 7.5:1, the engine internals are factory polished and the head is flowed, ported and polished from the factory too. The few non-standard items are all added in the 50′ies and he is a bit reluctant to change anything. If you ever need to know anything about Matchless or AJS machines, then check our Christian’s website at http://archives.jampot.dk.

  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Year: 1938
  • Decade: 1930s
  • Machine Type:

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