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1934 Triumph 6/1 Pictures

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Triumph’s first parallel twin designed by Val Page and primarily intended for sidecar work (the engine is offset to the right in the frame).  Never a big seller, the 6/1 was dropped when Edward Turner took over in 1936 and was to be replaced by the 500cc Speed Twin.

  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Year: 1934
  • Decade: 1930s
  • Machine Type:

51 Responses to “1934 Triumph 6/1”

  1. Whare are your frame and engine numbers,I have V72 and engine 449,
    Possibly the earliest frame and latest engine noted.
    Yours Sincerely Jeff

  2. i have a 6/1 and 1 1/2 spare engines all in the 600,s,i know of 17 6/1,s around the world any one interested in starting a register. have gearbox for sale if anyone needs one

    • I have a 6.1 and I am looking for pieces(front wheel,oil tank)if you know any body could you email me please.many thanks.jacques.

      • hi sorry have rear not frontwheel later model front wheels can be used they tell me i know of two who have done this ,are you talking about the little primer tank ,mines off the bike ,might be able to get one made if you havent got acess to one
        regards steve

        • Hello
          I give you some details for the pieces.In your first mail you say that you have a gear box.Could you tell me if it’s for foot lever shift or hand lever shift.We are also interested by a rear wheel.On “triumph twin pre-turner-”site you can see the oil tank model and the gear box on the photo of a beautefull white triumph .I give you my address mail:
          many thanks jacques

      • If you are successful I would be interested in the 5/1 tank. Cheers ian

    • Hi steve,
      My brother has to built the rear of the frame on his triumph 6/1 but he does’nt find the different marks and measurements of the frame; could you look on your frame the distance between the two branches where the wheel is fixed.The last owner has modified the frame with schocks.He is looking always for a rear wheel,completed hub of front wheel,mudguards,gearbox(foot change).Many thanks .
      best regards jacques.

    • Just turned up a 6/1 chassis, anyone got an engine for sale. Have a good 5/2 engine I could swap / part /ex.

      Rob. 01246 411977

      • Hi Rob
        Sorry for my late,Ihave just seen your line.I am looking some parts for my brother(oil tank,gearbox,fork)I don’t know if he has parts to swap.I’ll phone as soon as and I inform you.Best regard jacques.

  3. Hi
    Thank you for your answer,in fact it’s my brother who has this triumph but he has not computer and no internet also I write for him.For the wheel he needs only the center(sorry i do not find the word in french”moyeu”)and the oil tank is under the saddle.The best is if possible you give me a list of your pieces.If you need i can give you address(mail)or phone number but i don’t speak very well.I’ll give you more details for the pieces.
    Best regards jacques.

  4. Hello Jacques

    I’ve got a 6/1. It’s a bit scruffy but seems to be pretty original. I’m just riding it as it is- goes well. You can see some pics here; http://www.ukgser.com/forums/showthread.php?t=162551. (Posted by a friend. I don’t own a GS!).
    I have a rear wheel with brake plate if your brother wants it.
    My 6/1 is a 1936 model with foot gear change and no oil tank- the feed pipe runs straight from the sump to the pump. I believe that’s how it left the factory.
    Best Wishes


    • Hi Terry,
      I am really desolate but Ihave forgotten to go on this site.Ithink that my brother will be interested by the rear brake(8 inches).He needs some parts of the fork and gear.He has found some parts Romania ,Austria,England.Myaddress/jacques.orain0279@orange.com.I’ll go see your pics.I am waiting for you on my mail address.
      Best regards jacques.

      • Hi Jaques- me too!

        If you check the box below the reply window, you should get a message when someone responds to your message (I think). How is your brother’s bike progressing?


        • Hi Terry,
          I am always looking for a rear wheal,my brother has rebuilt the rear frame,he has found mushguards in Romania but he needs also some parts of the fork(top),the modif of the gear and other parts.I have the list with part number.If you want you can email me with my email address.best regard jacques.

        • Hi Terry,
          I have check the box but i don’t know why it’s not good.I am waiting knews of you to buy your rear wheel.Email me as soon as possible.Thank you.
          Regards jacques.

    • Hi Terry
      There is a mistake with my mail address:jacques.orain0279@orange.fr
      best regard. jacques

    • Hi Terry
      I was wondering if you have any I dear the value of a Triumph 6/1 ? 34 onwards would like to own one, one day just trying to get an I dear of price going to sale a triumph trophy trail and rob north trident would be looking to buy early triumph twin Kind regards steve

      • Steve,

        I don’t have much idea of the value of a 6/1 I’m afraid- I paid just under £8k for mine at auction three years ago- it was complete and pretty original, but a non-runner. Now that it’s up and running, I’d like to think it was worth a bit more, but don’t know.



        • Hi Terry

          Thanks for the e-mail, have been told by VMCC official expect to pay £8 / £10.500 for original running bike, one sold last year at VMCC West Kent international Rally sold for £4.500 running but not all original, bike was sold for restoration? and apparently very rough? He did say its like lots off old bikes its only worth what any one is willing to pay some like original and unrestored and others fully restored bikes but the price can be
          much the same

          Thanks for all your help, kind regards Steve

    • Terry,

      Are you interested in selling your Triumph?

      • Peter,

        I am thinking of selling the Triumph.

        I shall be riding it to the Classic Show at Shepton Mallet 8/9th Feb- if it’s not still raining heavily.

  5. doug phillips on June 16, 2012 @ 6:18 am

    hi. i have a 1936 6/1. i had to build it piece by piece. i am only missing the brake pedal and oil tank. can anyone help?

    • Hi doug
      I am looking also for a oil tank(the big one)It is not easy to find parts.I wish you good luck.You can go on this site:British Only Austria, they have some parts.
      Best regard,jacques.

    • Hi Doug,

      Sorry this is a bit late!

      I’ve got a 1936 model- factory fitted foot gear change and no oil tank. I think the 36 model wasn’t fitted with one.

  6. Hello,

    I am looking for Triumph 6/1 for sale.
    If interested, please contact me via email: 73280 @ mail . ru (delete spaces)

    I look forward!

    • In a couple of days I will be finishing to restore my Triumph 6/1. Some details left. If you are interested you can leave me a message. Thanks.

  7. Hello,
    Clearing out my old uncle’s garage, I’ve found some 6-1 parts – I suppose from a 1933/34 one – like crankcase, crankshaft, conrods, cylinder head , and other parts – Let me know if you are interested in its and I’ll send you some photos .
    Parts to collect from east of France.

    • I´m interested in some other parts. My email is javiergom72@gmail.com

    • Hi jean-paul,
      I am also interrested by your parts,
      you have my address above(jacques.orain0279@orange.fr)Now we are looking for the top yoke with riser,rear stand assembly,oil tank and other parts.Is it possible to have listing I’ll be happy.Many thanks,regards jacques.
      PS for javier:I don’t forget you(tank for 6/1)

    • Javier Gómez López on March 10, 2018 @ 7:13 pm


      Any Triumph 6/1 parts left? I´m interested in some parts. Coukld you send me photos?
      Thanks a lot.


  8. Mick Newby on May 25, 2014 @ 11:59 am

    Hi, I have a Triumph 1935 5/5 Sport in bits, can somebody help me find a gasket set for the engine please

  9. Mick,

    Best thing is to make your own; gasket material, hollow punch, bit of wood (end grain) sharp scissors and a pencil…..

  10. Hi there!

    Anybody interested in a 6/1 Triumph frame in goood condtition???
    May there is a front wheel hub and some footpegs also (I am not sure)

    Additonal to this, we have one or two Q.D. pre-unit hubs and a (somekind of strange looking to me) Pre unit late sryle gearbox, some pre unit footrest and may some pre unit brake lever (I still have to check)

    Kind Regards


    • Hi Mike
      Could you send to me some pics of your different parts.Do you buy all in a one batch or several?My address mail:jacques.orain0279@orange.fr
      thank you,best regards,jacques.

  11. If you have some Triumph 6/1 spare parts I may be interested in them.
    My email is javiergom72@mail.com

  12. Hi Mike-

    I could be interested. Please send me a few pics and some prices.



  13. G’Day all,
    I’ve just inherited a 6/1 basket case with broken crankcases in Australia. I’m trying to assess whether I can restore it but firstly would like to date it.
    Does anyone have engine and frame numbers listed by year model?
    What changes occurred during its short model run?

    • Hi Rocky

      What is the go? Are you going to restore it yourself? If not would you be willing to sell? I live in Perth W.A. where are you?

      Regards Richard

      • Hi Richard,
        Not sure yet, I have some more research to do yet and when I have all the bits together I’ll know better whether its something I can tackle.
        I’m also in Perth.
        Do you have a 6/1? Are you a member of the Vintage Motorcycle Club?

  14. Hi Rocky,

    Lucky you!

    Engine numbers are in the form 1.Vn.xxx where 1.V designates the engine type (6/1), n is the model year so should be 4,5,6- 1934- 36 and xxx is the unique engine number.

    One change I know of is that the pressurised oil tank/filter was not fitted to later models- there is a filter in the sump.

    I hope this helps.



    • Hi Terry, Thanks, I’ll check the engine number and oil filter when I get back to the workshop.
      Do you know when the hand change became foot change?, I seem to have both.

      • foot change became an option in 36 hand change and foot change require two different end covers on gearbox,footchange has a recessed section for the mechanism hand change is just plain what do you plan on using hand or foot change.

      • Hi Rocky,
        I am looking for a mechanism hand change to a foot change and if you don’t buy your mechanism could you do a drawing with all size to built this one,of course if you have time,many thanks.

  15. Johan Surkyn on July 2, 2016 @ 1:56 pm

    Hi all,

    Can anyone tell me whether the crankshaft has normal right hand treading or left hand? As the crankshaft is running backwards I was in doubt.


  16. Nearly finished a 1936 6/1 can’t seem to get oil pressure I have replaced oil pump relief valve ball and spring and seated the ball can’t seem to get oil up to oil cooler any suggestions?
    Cheers Noel

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