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1930s BSA Pictures

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these pictures are my Dad on a BSA, one of the plates shows 1939, I do not know the make or year, if anyone knows please let me know, thanks

  • Manufacturer: BSA
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Year: 1930's
  • Decade: 1930s
  • Machine Type: Road

2 Responses to “1930s BSA”

  1. Hi it is a BSA M23 silver star 1939 or 1940 i own the same one ‘” great bikes to ride Gr From Holland Theo

  2. MAN YOUR POPS IS A KOOL KAT!!! man thanks for sharing your pics let me tell ya your dad must have been hell on wheels back in the day. I mean just having bike back then you were some what a bad ass. I see your dad was in the military I bet he was in the war if he is still alive thank him from me. men who fought in the war so we don’t speak German now SO THANKS FOR THAT. I ALSO OWEN A 1967 BSA A65 CHOPPER I built out of bits.i have always wanted a Bike from the 1930′s I also owen a 1985 HARLEY. I have the freedom to Ride because men like you pops did what they did in the war. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

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