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1928 Triumph Model N De Luxe Pictures

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Many thanks to Simon Willson of Oz for these pictures of his bike.  It is a 1928 Model N De Luxe Triumph, and she is unrestored and 100% complete as she left the factory in 1928 (right down to the tyre pump and the tools in the tool kit!).

” Tessie” was ordered and delivered in Hobart Tasmania in 1928 and was delivered with the following options: Footboards rather than pegs, ” Touring” handlebars, Doherty twistgrip, and P&H acetylene lights, all of which would have cost her owner 5 pounds extra – a princely sum on an already expensive bike! Simon is only her fourth owner in nearly 80 years and has no plans to let her go!

1928 was the first ever model for Triumph fitting the newer saddle tank (they did do a 1927 Model N but it shared the in frame tank of the Model P). The Model N was produced in saddle tank form for only the years 1928/1929. She is a 500cc sidevalve single, and was also Triumph’s first model with an internal oil pump, however as the motoring public distrusted such new fangled things, the oil tank was also fitted with a foot operated auxiliary oil pump operated by a pedal. Most of these pedals were discarded in the long run, as the oil pump more than proved its reliability.

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  • Year: 1928
  • Decade: 1920s
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6 Responses to “1928 Triumph Model N De Luxe”

  1. marko nieminen on November 26, 2012 @ 4:38 pm

    Nice beutiful motorcycles from 1928

  2. marko nieminen on November 26, 2012 @ 7:09 pm

    Its nice motorcucles from 1928, I have also Triumph n de luxe 1928 500cc.
    Thank you pictures.

  3. Howdy from Waco Texas.
    I also have a 28′ model N and was very interested in ya’lls comment about the foot operated oil pump. Mine is also missing the foot pedal so I am very interested in acquiring one or some good pictures of one so I could build one. All this time I’ve been trying to figure out what belonged there and why. You have already helped me and I appreciate that.

    • Giddaye from Auckland New Zealand, I have 1928 Triumph NDL, with a foot operated oil pump fitted so can send you photos if you havnt already got this sorted.
      Its just as well that the foot pump works, as I understand the gears on my internal pump are worn.

  4. Hi from New Zealand! I am restoring a 1927 Model N, the last of the flat tankers, but fitted with the first of the oil pump engines. Your pix are very helpful. Cheers

  5. I just bought a 1928 model N Deluxe.

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