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1927 Peugeot P103 Pictures

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Thanks to David Scott for these pictures of the 1927 Peugeot 175cc P103 he recently bought deep in the Cevennes, France. They only made this model for 2 years, however they did have some success in the Paris-Nice race with it. Quite advanced for 1927 with chain drive, kick-start, drum brakes, unit construction  and interchangeable wheels (with  some spannering swapping the sprocket and brake over!).

  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Year: 1927
  • Decade: 1920s
  • Machine Type:

9 Responses to “1927 Peugeot P103”

  1. Hallo,
    own and is now renovating motorcycle Peugeot P102 (also referred to as type 502 Griffon), 175 cc, year around 1927-1928.
    I own the book “Motos 1898-1998 Peugeot – 100 ans d’history (Bernard Salvat, Didier Ganneau) – issued” EBS “.
    I would welcome any information, articles, technical data and photographs of mostly motorcycle (historical and contemporary photos).
    Thank you warmly for sending any detail fotos and informations.

    Best regards

    Jiří Sperger
    L.B.Schneidera 12
    370 01 České Budějovice
    CZ – Česká republika – Czech Republic
    e-mail: autodatcb@seznam.cz
    web: http://www.autodat.net

    • Hi, I have a 1927 P103, does your kickstarter stay down when kicked and only comes back when the clutch is operated please, when I kick start my bike the kickstart stays down until the clutch is operated. Andy

    • We are starting a 102 as well, so anyone that can share info very much appreciated

  2. Hi

    Do you know how to remove the magneto on a Peugeot type P 103?

  3. Hi I have a 1927 P103. I am working on and have some parts manual pages that may or may not help. Is your bike in the UK. Andy

    • Hi

      Any chance you can copy and information on a Peugeot 103? I will of course pay all the expenses. I need to replace the kick start return spring and get at the cush drive.

    • Hi, My P103 is in serious bits and I don’t have much info as to what is missing under the right hand cover plate. If you do have some pics with more info than I have on my P103 page, I would be very grateful. I don’t have a kick return spring, so don’t know what it looks like and the clutch operating system is missing.
      Thanks in advance

  4. Thanks. let me know if you can. Andy

  5. John Hodgson on October 22, 2018 @ 9:31 pm

    Hi, I have a 1927 Peugeot P102 with a broken gearbox case where the kickstart fits. Any info on this model and any possible source of parts would be greatly appreciated.
    John. (UK) 07836 335108

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