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1922 Soyer 2 1/2hp Pictures

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This bike, which belongs to my brother, is a one owner (before him) machine, unrestored and still runs beautifully. He’s not planning to restore it, it has too much history and looks like a 90 year old bike should look.

Many thanks to Chris Parrett for sending in this picture of his brother’s 1922 Soyer.

  • Manufacturer: Soyer
  • Model: 2 1/2 hp
  • Engine: 250 cc
  • Year: 1922
  • Decade: 1920s
  • Machine Type: Road

2 Responses to “1922 Soyer 2 1/2hp”

  1. Hi,

    I own two of exactly the same bike as your brother (one is completely restored and running, the other is in the process of a technical overhaul) and I’d really appreciate to get in contact with him.

    Could you please contact me under the following mail-address:


    Check out this website to see my two bikes: http://www.soyer-motor.nl/
    Click on the left hand side “Owner” and scroll down to “Thomas Motors”

    Best regards,

  2. Hello Chris Parrett.
    Do you sell the Soyer 1922 bike?

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